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Agenda NSR Council Meeting in Norrtälje 20.01.2018

Uppdated 2018-01-18


1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 CC Board chairperson Mats Granath

2. Election of chairperson and secretary.

2.1  Proposal for council meeting chairperson

NSR OC chairperson PCC Jan Lofjärd MD 101

2.2  Proposal for secretary

NSR OC secretary PCC Tove Gulliksrud MD 104

3. Election of persons to verify the minutes

3.1. CC Mats Granath MD 101 and VCC Kari Sandöy-Jarman MD 104

4. Determining the list of voters

4.1 MD 101 Sweden 10 votes

4.2 MD 104 Norway 10 votes

4.3 MD 106 Denmark 7 votes

4.4 MD 107 Finland 20 votes

4.5 MD 109 Iceland 4 votes

5. Notification other matters

6. Approval of the agenda

7. Follow up maters from previous NSR meetings

8. Financial statements and audit report  appendix ??

8.1 Approval of the NSR accounts 2016-2017, (PID Tapani Rahko)

8.2 Audit report and adoption of the audited accounts, (-"-) - audit report, audit report memo

8.3 Report from Convention 2017 Chicago, (PCC Christian Johansen)

8.4 Current financial status 2017-2018, (PID Tapani Rahko) - balance book, budget

9. Granting of discharge to 2016-2017 NSR Executive officers

10. Approval of 2018-2019 NSR budget appendix 6

10.1 Coordinator budget Convention in Las Vegas USA 2018, (PCC Christian Johansen)

10.2 Total budget 2018-2019, (PID Tapani Rahko)                                                                            

11. NSR -cooperation projects

11.1 Status and update of Solar Cookers project in Africa, (PID Tapani Rahko)
11.2 Forgotten Children in Lebanon, (PID Svein Berntsen)
11.3 Forgotten Children in Turkey, (PCC Annica Nordell/ IPCC Mattias Öberg)
11.4 Orkester Norden, Temporary responsibility for ON until Jan. 2019.

12. Recommendations from the seminars/workshops

13.Proposals from the seminars /workshops (to be voted on next year)

14.Other proposals

A.   Proposal according YE work:

“Nordic countries will not make contracts with countries serving alcohol/ drugs at YE camps or host family stay”. (CC Mats Granath)

B.   Proposal according invocation at Lions meetings:

“Nordic countries claims that Lions ethical norm should be used in Lions meetings instead of invocation”. (VCC Kari Sandöy-Jarman)

C.   New Logo on Convention vest appendix 11D

D.   Nordic Activity Bank

E.   Change of NSR By-Laws regarding speaker at EF appendix 11F

New subparagraph

2.5 NSR Speaker at Europa Forum

In case of the country that hosts the Europa Forum asks for a representation of NSR speaker at the Forum, it should be the Chairperson of the OC group, an ID from the Nordic countries or a person decided by the NSR OC, according to the theme/subject.

The rationale is:

- This decision was approved at CC Board Meeting 27-10-2016 and voted on and agreed 5/0.

- It is a normal routine to adopt CC decisions to be reflected in NSR applicable documents which form the basis for our work and actions in NSR.

- This decision was simply forgotten during NSR 2017.

F. NSR Lions Environment Day, (MD-104) appendix 11G

G. Proposal for cost savings appendix 11H

15.Presentation of candidates to the International Board

MD-109, ID Candidate 2018-20, PCC Heimo Potinkara(spouse Tuire). (ID Markus Flaaming)

16.Presentation of NSR 2019 MD 104 Norway, (VCC Kari Sandöy-Jarman)


18.Closing of the meeting.